Frequently Asked Questions

Why to choose to advertise through

We have a decent advertising network, we don't have fixed prices, and we promote even the free ads. Thus you might get a price/results ratio which you will never be able to get using any other advertising network. You can check the results from our work at any time and make sure that this is true! Furthermore, we have strict policy of zero tolerance to ads that promote a fraud or any kind of ciber crime. We listen our friends, advertisers and publishers when they report such ads, because no one wants to be part of a criminal scheme.

How can I check the statistics of my ad?

They are shown in the table with ads on our home page - just search for your ad with the search box. For detailed visitors review press on the unique visits number.

How can I become a partner and start earning from ads?

Just place our universal banner in your website, write your email and you will start earning a share of our pool immediately after we approve you! The ad html code can be placed more than once on web page, but only one click will be counted per user session per page!

Do I have a guaranteed profit?

As long as anyone has payed to advertise in a given day, all partners will divide the Network Pool at the end of the day! The rewards are click based!

How can my website climb up in the first places of its category in your directory?

The ordering is based on the unique visitors that we manage to bring you and unique clicks the ad earn, so even the free ads might get a good place in our rankings.

How can you bring me more unique visitors?

You will have a lot higher chance if you buy a share of our daily network pool. Use the "Promote" button next to your ad from the list on our home page. Thus your banner will get a lot more impressions compared to the free ones.

What is Bitcoin?

If you are still not familiar with Bitcoin, take a look here. It's currently our best way to instantly account and display the votes without waiting.

What if I want to change some information about my ad?

Just post a new one and let the old one expire, or contact us and we will make the change manually.

If you have any other questions, please check our Terms and Conditions page or contact us