About Us

After several hits on our SQL and Coinbase API, lost of funds as a result of fraud activity, downgrade of Alexa rank because of shity traffic and spreading malicious pages by short links, I, personally decided to stop any related to Bitcoin activity on Internet. There are much more bad guys out there which are trying to benefit from exploits, bad code or opportunities by chance to hurt Web owners. Spending several years spreading the cryptocurrency idea behind Bitcoin was great journey, but pain for providing public service is greater than excitement doing so. </p> <p> Since 17 Oct 2017 AdBTC.info Army of One is dedicated on free traffic exchange service with no Payment service, no payment is required to gain traffic. Decision was empowered immediately and any further development of AdBTC.info will be reconsidered during my recovery period. </p> <p>God bless all heroes that fight for theirs live.