Important! - Due to recent events we have a difficult announcement to make!
1. The biggest Bitcoin Advertising Network - Mellowads just banned us for reasons related with their ToS about bot traffic. This is a hard hit on our efforts to prevent all fraud traffic and clicks by different methods. We do not accept that accusations and we will try to continue to solve that issue by dialogue with them.
2. My medical condition is forcing me to take serious course of medical treatments and procedures, for unknown period of time and recovery process. The hardest battle in my life, for the life, just began, and I hope Lord help me to win.

For that reasons, beginning today, 03 May 2017, all services are unmaintained and in some time shuted down. I will try to pay to all users with positive balances. Please don’t register anymore!
The incoming months will decide the destiny of the Platform and the future development.
Last, but not least, Thanks to all friends, partners, users and haters for their contribution, support and trust for the years we spend together in different projects around the Web.
The forthcoming months will be hard for me and family. All support and hand will be needed. Even the smallest contribution will help me to fight and to keep my faith in humanity in these hard times for the World we live in.

Please Donate Bitcoin to: [[address]]

Donation of [[value]] BTC Received. God bless and Thank You!
God Bless and Hope see you around!
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