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Awesome features

The Bitcoin aAdvertising Network comes with many feathers to help you get promoted faster, to make leads, to earn Bitcoin from your website traffic. Just follow the instructions to become an Advertizer, a Publisher or just claim free Bitcoin on out Bitcoin Faucet. We pay to FaucetHUB, yap..

  • Handcrafted PHP script
  • As simple as Rock
  • Security, Army strong
  • We pay to FaucetHUB, Ya..
Submit your ad for free in 30 seconds

Everyone can submit a free ads in our Bitcoin Advertising Network. All free ads have a 10% total share of all the impressions of the network, and are active for one month. We send a reactivation email which enables the ad for another 30 days, a week before your ad expires..

Submit an Ad
Pay if you want, as much as you want

All promoted ads have a 90% share in our network. If you want to promote your ad, click the Button below, find your Ad on the page than click "Promote" in order to begin. The minimum promotion total is only 0.001 btc, but for as much days as you want. Try playing around with daily shares :)

Promote an Ad
Get unlimited number of visitors

Regardless if you promote your Ad or not, You are guaranteed to get unlimited amount of traffic and clicks corresponding with your share in the Network. You can check full stats of the visitors that we bring you at any time by finding you Ad in the table with Ads on our Home page.

Track results in short

We’re constantly trying to improve ourselves and actualize our dreams. If you have the opportunity to play again this game of life you need to appreciate every moment. is a private project not funded or supported by any organization, fund or group. All achievements are made by the strong personal believe that the Legacy is more than a name.

The amazing results

According to the data the we are running for . For that time we served impressions and clicks. Open to public, advertising network of Publishers and Advertisers. No invitation needed.

Stats Total Impressions Total Unique Impressions Total Clicks Total Unique Clicks
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We made advertising easier for everyone. will be the leader of in the Bitcoin Advertising, because it is free, easy to use and solid rock.

Crafted with love in Sofia, Bulgaria

Because Any good Designer can design in ANY medium, just like any good Developer can program in ANY language

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