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1. Submit your ad for free in 30 seconds

Everyone can submit a free ads in our Bitcoin Advertising Network. All free ads have a 10% total share of all the impressions of the network, and are active for one month. We send an reactivation email which enables the ad for another 30 days, a week before your ad expires.

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2. Pay if you want, as much as you want

All promoted ads have a 90% share in our network. If you want to promote your ad, click the Button below, find your ad on page than click "Promote" in order to begin. The minimum promotion total is only 0.001 btc, but for as much days as you want. Try playing around with daily shares :)

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3. Get unlimited number of visitors

Regardless if you promote your ad or not, You are guaranteed to get unlimited amount of traffic and clicks corresponding with your share in the network. You can check full stats of the visitors that we bring you at any time by finding you ad in the table with ads on our Home page.

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Our advantages

The Statistics shown here point out some features and advantages of our network:

  • Fast grow in just - we served 47117378 impressions and 249347 clicks.
  • Thanks to our Advanced fraud protection script we best serve to our Advertisers and Publishers
  • Good Click Through Rate (CTR)
  • Good ratio of valid / invalid impressions
  • Good ratio of valid / invalid cliks
  • Open to public network of Publishers and Advertisers. No invitation needed.

Our Network

Total impressions Total unique impressions Total clicks Total unique clicks
Last 24 hours 13046 4331 78 28
Last 7 days 102123 26444 483 163
Last 30 days 2714267 343108 3328 1262

Current CPC Current CPM
0.00000000 BTC 0.00000000 BTC

Why us?

The AdBTC.info as one of the Bitcoin Advertising Networks is commited to the freedom of speech, freedom of choice and freedom of believes. Ah, the freedom of speech, the power of words, the words will always retain their power. Words offer the means to meaning, and for those who will listen, the enunciation of truth. That is the reason all our data to be shown to the public. No hidden menus, registrations, data manipulation. The real data 24/7. We strongly believe also in the universal rights of every human beening, even in Internet. That's why we provide free ad service to everyone, and the choice to pay for it depends on social status and cautiousness. Even with a free Ad, we have good examples of campaigns here that gets good number of clicks. We believe also that the future of human race depends not on central governments, banks and institutions. For that reason and because of "In Cryptography We Trust", the only available payment gateway is Bitcoin. For small amount of satoshis everyone can build a strong network of referrals or to promote a page, service or product with quality results.

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